Why Prefab Construction

Prefabricated construction method uses the latest technology to create structures that are strong yet beautiful. Buildings can be designed in any form, style and height, to be suitable for conditions against earthquake and strong wind gusts (up to 300 km/h). It is an extremely versatile method of building, Our Prefab buildings are quickly-built, strong yet lightweight and are immensely suited for urban terrace extensions and home expansions. The fact that there are no bricks or cement blocks, no dust, no curing, no waiting for cement to set etc., makes it the cleanest and most suited urban construction techniqueand offers several advantages over conventional methods

Cost of Prefabricated Houses
Prefab buildings have superior thermoregulation compared to conventional buildings. This makes fans and air conditioners much more efficient, and saves power and the environment.
One of the greatest advantages of this technology is the ease of customizations compared to conventional. Build your project in any style, on any type of terrain, even difficult to access locations.
Prefab buildings don’t need thick columns and beams. The computer-aided nature of the manufacturing also allows the architect to be more creative. From the outside, it looks no different from conventional buildings. Looks better because of the precise angles and straight lines.
The best part is that it costs the same (or even less) as conventional, despite being better in almost every way! If you factor in the amount of time you save, you can see why prefab construction using Esthete’s LGS system works out more economical
Apart from the lesser labour needed for a prefab project, our employees are trained well and dedicated to finishing things on time. The LGS technology encourages hassle free construction.