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Esthete is a full-service 'Design and Build' Company that has introduced a high-quality and super-fast building construction method that uses galvanised steel frame fabricated in a factory using the latest computerised manufacturing technologies. Our primary focus is on offering complete turnkey construction services for individuals and the corporate sectors. We offer full end-to-end services including designing, construction, furnishing and decorating your dream project, be it a residential project (such as an independent home, villas or apartments), commercial project (such as a restaurant, office spaces, malls etc.) and institutional projects (such as schools, R&D centers and so on). In other words, we design and build all types of buildings on any type of terrain! Esthete has the expertise and decades of rich experience in the design and construction industry to seamlessly integrate architectural design with speedy construction and interior fit-outs. We have our own manufacturing facilities, which enable us to complete projects at an amazing speed that will leave a smile on your face! Our focus is on creating quality products that combine aesthetics with pragmatism..

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We construct your dream buildings using an advanced rapid prefab technology that uses galvanised Light Gauge Steel (LGS) and also other hybrid methods that give you unlimited possibilities in terms of number of floors or architectural stylesLGSF or Prefabricated Light Gauge Steel Framed based construction method uses the latest technology to create structures that are strong yet beautiful. Buildings can be designed in any form, style and height, to be suitable for conditions against earthquake and strong wind gusts (up to 300 km/h).

  • LGS has an excellent strength in relation to the weight of the structure (5 times lighter than a traditional construction with bricks or concrete but stronger than all of them). It is 100% recyclable. Therefore it is a 100% green construction!
  • The materials used are of inorganic origin and does not distort, rot, crack or fracture. Your building is safe and strong, due to the stability of the steel structure.
  • Steel is a non-combustible material and does not lead to the structure inflammation.
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