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Prefab Construction

Esthete is a full-service 'Design and Build' Company that has introduced a high-quality and super-fast building construction method that uses galvanised steel frame fabricated in a factory using the latest computerised manufacturing technologies.

We offer full end-to-end services including designing, construction, furnishing and decorating your dream project, be it a Residential Project , Commercial Project and Institutional Projects

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Benifites of prefab

Why prefab Construction

Prefabricated construction method uses the latest technology to create structures that are strong yet beautiful. Buildings can be designed in any form, style and height, to be suitable for conditions against earthquake and strong wind gusts (up to 300 km/h). It is an extremely versatile method of building, Our Prefab buildings are quickly-built, strong yet lightweight and are immensely suited for urban terrace extensions and home expansions.

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what you prefer

What we do


Tell us what your dream project looks like, and we’ll design it for you.
You can also come to us with a prepared design or choose a layout from our catalogue.


Our advanced computer-aided folding machine manufactures strong steel frames for your project based on your design, often in just a day! It’s error-free down to the millimeter.


The frames are transported to your site and assembled in a matter of weeks, and covered in the cladding and finishes of your choice. Sit back and relax as regular updates come to you.

Move in

In 12 weeks, your dream project is ready. Eco-friendly, disaster-proof and a life of 60+ years. Need interiors done or some customized furniture? We have options for that, too

Prefab Construction

Latest, Fastest and Sustainable Construction
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Frequently Asked Questions
Our steel frames are designed by specialized software under the supervision of qualified and experienced civil engineers. It is as strong as (if not stronger than) any normal building built of load-bearing masonry walls. The structural strength of all our buildings are certified by acompetent engineer before it is built.
It is also safe as the walls are made of high-yield-strength galvanized tensile steel covered by cement-fiber boards and will last for more than 50-60 years! (even 100 years plus, if maintained well!). Because of the way it is built, steel frame structures are inherently earthquake and cyclone proof. Even 7 storied buildings have been built using just this technology. Unlimited number of floors can be built when combined with ISMB steel frames.
Absolutely! The skin of the building is essentially cement, with a weather- proof coating of primer and paint. The Galvanized steel frame structure is rust proof and corrosion resistant. The walls can also be clad with ceramic tiles, stones or even wood, to give additional protection or to enhance the aesthetics.
Fortunately, our hi-tech building solutions cost the same as any comparable good quality conventional buildings (anywhere between Rs. 2500 to 3000 per sqft for a fully finished ready-to-move-in residential project and Rs. 2000 to 2500 per sqft for a commercial project). But there is saving in the form of time due to the rapid completion of the project and high quality and accuracy and also higher carpet area due to the thinner walls. Time, as you know, is money!
If you intend to build additional floors in future, it can be factored induring the design stage. Minor and major alterations are possible, but not without some effort!
Yes. Though the overall weight of the structure is much less than a conventional building, a stable and strong foundation is a requisite for all types of buildings. The foundation need not be excessive or elaborate, and there is considerable saving in time in the foundation laying process itself. It is also immensely suitable for adding an additional floor on an existing building.
Of course! We can build on any terrain and to any size! It is easier to ferry the raw materials (steel frames etc) across rugged terrains than bricks and sand!
Yes. Many buildings have already been built on all types of terrain and climates, ranging from Himachal Pradesh and Jammu to cottages on the beaches of Goa using this technology. The frame structure uses a high- yield-strength tensile steel that is coated with a special alloy made of Aluminium, Zinc and Silicone ('Galvalume') which is highly resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • Bricks, sand, cement and gallons of water not needed.
  • No delays due to non-availability of sand or labourers etc.
  • 200% faster accurate error free construction
  • Clutter free, no physical dump to dispose
  • We do design, construction and interiors – turnkey project
  • Detailed billing will be provided for each expenditure
  • Eco-friendly construction method - saves natural resources like sand, water soil, no green gas emission, no noise pollution.
  • The insulation used in the walls, roof and floor is made of ozone- friendly materials that have minimum impact on the environment.
  • The walls are thermo insulated. They keep inside cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This saves up to 60% on your energy bills on cooling and heating every month, every year…!!
  • LGSF buildings can be designed for 1.5 to 2 hours of fire rating compared to conventional 1 hour of fire rating. So these are Fire- Proof.
  • Lightning strike will not harm as the steel frames are going from roof to all the way into the ground – Lightning proof
  • LGSF structures can sustain heavy rains, heavy winds upto 300 km per hour speed – can stand earthquake as foundation is not deep and material is lighter.
Pests and fungus needs cracks, holes or dampness for them to live and grow. LGSF Fibre cement walls will not develop cracks or can’t make holes into by pets or insects. So they will not attract termites, ants, roaches, rodents etc,
We do pretty much all types of building. We have successfully completed Farm houses, residential, pent houses, Duplex in housing sector.
We have also built commercial property, sports facility and factory sheds in commercial and manufacturing sector.
As you know we don’t build using bricks, sand, cement. We use Steel frames, fibre cement wall blocks, thermal insulated walls, all from authorized steel vendors and ISO certified premium quality material to build everything in the building.
So costing mainly depends on amount of steel frames, size of walls, number of windows, type of doors and windows, tiles, flooring, flat or traditional roofing, plumbing and electrical work, staircase or lifts, compound wall, car parking, basement etc. Please email us your design or speak to us for finding estimated cost.